Last Updated: 22 January, 2024

Before diving into the enchanting journey of Habitlearn, we suggest you read our terms and conditions. You have to adhere to these terms and conditions when you are entertaining yourself from our services. Habitlearn is a health-related website that amplifies your learning about interesting facts and mechanisms about your body and brain. Habitlearn is an optimistic and friendly platform and requires respectable user conduct when spending time on our website. To clear any misunderstanding or confusion, we have written these terms and conditions that would help the users gain limitless access to our services.

Acceptance of terms

By accessing our website, you must adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. You must acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions. If you cannot follow these terms and conditions, please refrain from using the site.

Content Ownership

All type of content on, either textual or illustrious, is the intellectual property of Habitlearn. You are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or modify the content without prior consent. All blogs, images, and videos are copyrighted and you cannot use them for commercial or other related purposes without permission. You can use the content for educational and training purposes. We hold the right to take strict legal action against any copyright infringement of the content on the website.

User Eligibility

Habitlearn provides content for general passionate readers. Before reading any content, related to health and wellness, one should have minimal background knowledge. For this purpose, we recommend that the users should be above the age of 13. Underaged readers may not be able to comprehend the content and it may result in various complications.

User Conduct

We demand an air of respect and authenticity from our users. Users are required to grasp an optimistic behavior while entertained by our services. We operate a positive and beneficial platform to spread education and promote learning. The users are requested to tune by the website’s behavior and may not be involved in any offensive movement against our website. The users are prohibited to use copyrighted content on our website. For further information about copyright infringement policy, read our DMCA policy page.

No Spam

We do not allow spamming and self-promotion. If you are interested in promoting your website by blog commenting, then it should engage authenticity and positivity. Excessive self-promotion is not allowed and is referred to as spam. We do not allow unreliable sources to post any comments or feedback on the website.

No Harmful Activities

You must not engage in any malicious activity that can pose a threat to the website’s security. Any harmful activity, including but not limited to hacking, phishing, data breaches, distributing malware, and unauthorized access to user’s information is not tolerated.


While posting comments or providing the audience with new information, check for the accuracy of the content. Misleading or false information will be considered spam. You are responsible for the aftermath of providing any false information that can have disastrous effects.

Privacy Issues

We are concerned for the privacy of our users on the website. The information we collect and share with service providers is safe from malicious activities. Consult the Privacy Policy for an explanation of privacy matters related to your personal information. By accepting cookies, you allow us to manage our content according to user preferences. It helps augment the user experience on the website.
The personal information of the users is secured by the website owner but any online data security system is not wholly secured. We try to ensure the safety of the user’s data, but in the case of any data breach, your cooperation is required.

We may link to a third party’s website. Once you reach there, you comply with the terms and conditions of these websites. Any harmful activity, or suspicious intent on third-party websites, is not our responsibility. You must adhere to the user guidelines of third-party websites.


We hold the right to terminate or suspend your access to in the case of violation of these terms and conditions. If you can’t adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned here, you should refrain from using the website. We are not bound to provide a warning notice prior to termination. We reserve the right to suspend your access by providing or not providing any explanation.

Disclaimer of Warranties

We strive to provide authentic and beneficial information, but we do not agree that the information present on Habitlearn is complete and absolutely accurate. Time-to-time variations may alter the reliability of the information. You are advised to seek a piece of professional advice or help before applying to any habit. We do not take the guarantee of medical guidance or dependence on our content. We do not guarantee that the website will be available at all times. It may suffer downtime due to technical issues or repairing protocols.

Limitation of Liabilities

Habitlearn and its team are not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, accidental, or specific damages that arise by considering the information present on the website. We are not liable for any practical damage or circumstance related to any connection with our website.

Change of Terms and Conditions

We can change the terms and conditions at any time and the terms and conditions will be effective from the moment they are published. You can subscribe to our newsletter for timely notifications about any updates. It is your responsibility to check for the latest terms and conditions to comply with them. Otherwise, we can suspend your access to Habitlearn.

In case of any query, we appreciate your response. Contact us at [email protected].